Most stumps benefit most from being removed out of sight. Others require being removed entirely - roots and all - for construction projects...

ArborVation has the equipment to complete each type of job correctly. Our 70hp track mounted stump grinder can pass through a 36" gate and our excvators are capable of completely excavating stumps and root systems. Stump removal services include:

-Stump grinding
-Stump excavation
-Root control
-Stump treatments

Stump grinding is the process of milling down a stump to remove it from sight. Organic material and deep roots remain in the ground but the mass above ground and near the surface is ground into mulch and mixed with surrounding soil so treated area can be reintegrated with landscaping.

Some stumps need to be removed for reasons that are not aesthetic, requiring all organic material to be excavated from the ground. Foundations, driveways, footers, pool construction, and other construction tasks demand thorough stump excavation rather than incomplete griding attempts.